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Return on Investment.               

Seminar Direct

Leading Financial Marketing Firm Leading Seminar Marketing Company


Seminar Direct

Great tool that shows the best and worst days to hold your seminars.

Find out how many qualified prospects there are in your area.

A no obligation review of your mailer by the industry's design dream team.

We COMMIT and DELIVER: Customer Service and ROI

If you want to make substantially more money and grow your business to meet your goals you need SEMINAR DIRECT. Our commitment is to supply you with the best marketing solutions available in the industry. Our marketing consultants have a combined five decades of expertise in marketing specifically for the financial services industry. Whether it is seminar marketing, lead generation, drip marketing, or providing a total solution through our reviewed presentations, we understand that our clients measure success by return on investment and work every day to meet that goal.

Our solutions are developed, printed, mailed, and reviewed with an overall focus of RESULTS. Millions of pieces of mail is evaluated every year to ensure that the combination of text, graphics, and envelopes make the most impact for our clients investment. Our desire is to have our clients come back month after month to reach the prospects in their community, building their business and helping families plan.

What sets SEMINAR DIRECT apart from other direct marketing solutions?

Our company focuses on the financial services industry. By doing so we have our finger on the pulse of the market as well as a huge competitive edge against anyone who markets to a larger audience. We know what works, and what doesn't. Don't waste any more money using a trial-and-error approach when you've got a system that already perfect - at a cost that's about half of doing it yourself.

  •  Clients Consistently Achieve Higher Profits
  •  Greater Return on Investment
  •  Best and Most Accurate Mailing Lists
  •  Industry's #1 Copy Writers
  •  Specialists Focused Only on Financial Marketing
  •  Highest Quality Products and Response Rates
  •  Consistent, Predictable Response Rates