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Great tool that shows the best and worst days to hold your seminars.

Find out how many qualified prospects there are in your area.

A no obligation review of your mailer by the industry's design dream team.

FAQ on Seminar Marketing

If you want to make substantially more money and grow your business to meet your goals you need SEMINAR DIRECT. Our commitment is to supply you with the best marketing solutions available in the industry. Our marketing consultants have a combined five decades of expertise in marketing specifically for the financial services industry. Whether it is seminar marketing, lead generation, drip marketing, or providing a total solution through our reviewed presentations, we understand that our clients measure success by return on investment and work every day to meet that goal.

Our solutions are developed, printed, mailed, and reviewed with an overall focus of RESULTS. Millions of pieces of mail is evaluated every year to ensure that the combination of text, graphics, and envelopes make the most impact for our clients investment. Our desire is to have our clients come back month after month to reach the prospects in their community, building their business and helping families plan.

What sets SEMINAR DIRECT apart from other direct marketing solutions?

Our company focuses on the financial services industry. By doing so we have our finger on the pulse of the market as well as a huge competitive edge against anyone who markets to a larger audience. We know what works, and what doesn't. Don't waste any more money using a trial-and-error approach when you've got a system that already perfect - at a cost that's about half of doing it yourself.

  • Clients Consistently Achieve Higher Profits
  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Best and Most Accurate Mailing Lists
  • Industry's #1 Copy Writers
  • Specialists Focused Only on Financial Marketing
  • Highest Quality Products and Response Rates
  • Consistent, Predictable Response Rates

The bottom line is: we have the best products at prices that beat the competition. The effective cost of our product (cost per qualified prospect) are the best in our industry.

We have taken the guess work out of marketing for you and lowered the cost far below what you would pay if you created the invitations yourself.

Who does your printing and graphic design?
Our printing and graphic design are created and customized in-house. We have an incredible staff of creative and production personnel who focus on direct mail for the financial services industry. From start to finish we watch over your project with state-of-the-art production scheduling software that allows us to track your project at every stage. With this level of control, we always deliver and we don't miss deadlines!

How much does a seminar cost?
The cost to do a large seminar with two dates is usually between $3,500 and $5,000 including the meals. Smaller single date events will range from $2.000 - $3,000. Your return on this investment should be at least 600% or six times the amount you have invested.

How will you customize the invitation for my seminar?
Every invitation and seminar ticket is custom imprinted with your own seminar dates, information and invitation wording. Many of our clients have existing marketing pieces that can be used, but we have many winning scripts that available for you to use at any time. There is NO charge for our seminar specialist fine-tuning your existing invitation or for utilizing one of our own winning formats.

Will this system work for my seminar topic?
Our system works for any topic, but make certain that the topic will work for your potential clients and the setting. Your seminar specialist is an expert at evaluating these elements and helping you put together the total package. What a value...you get the help of a professional marketing specialist and a complete seminar system for less than the cost of putting it all together yourself!

How long does it take to put this all together?
The lead time is 35 days prior to your first seminar date. This allows for one week of artwork, one week of printing and mailing and about 7-10 days of mailing time. We want your invitations to arrive at pinnacle of opportunity - about two weeks prior to your first seminar date. We have a complete schedule of seminar dates and deadlines available by clicking on the Calendar menu picture at the top of this screen.

Will I need to get bulk rate or return mail permits?
No, we already have the bulk rate permit and we don't recommend reply cards. Although many of our competitors use reply cards, our research proves they actually have a negative effect on response rates!

Opening a beautiful invitation only to have a response card fall out reminds most people of those annoying magazine cards. It just ruins the image you create for an upscale event.

Who's right? Ask yourself, if you received an invitation in the mail, would you pick up the phone to call for a reservation or hunt for a pen, fill out a card, and then remember to walk it down to the mail box hoping that someone will call you back? What would you do if you had any questions?

Have your prospects make the call now while they are fired up and ready! We have found that the path of least resistance is always the winner - let them pick up the phone and dial...toll free!

Wow, that sounds great - how do I get started?
The easiest way is to click on the Get Started menu found on the financial marketing tab.

You can call us at 888.629.1919 toll free and one of our seminar specialists answer any questions you may have. To maximize this opportunity, we suggest you collect all the necessary information by downloading our forms and filling out the information