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Direct Marketing Association Forcasts Explosive Growth in Internet and E-Mail Marketing

E-mail and Intermet Marketing

E-mail marketing and internet marketing will continue to see huge growth in the coming years. That's according to the Direct Marketing Association's new report "The Power of Direct Marketing."

The report is considered to be one of the most reliable studies created because of the independence of the DMA and their tradition of excellence. It identifies several important trends that marketing professionals must consider to properly position themselves:

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Top 10 Reasons Financial Seminars Fail

Achieving Seminar Success and Avoiding Mistakes

Top producers from Boston to Bakersfield are getting rich because they know how to market themselves with financial seminars. They understand that seminars can be the greatest tool for finding wealthy clients and dramatically building their business. And their bank accounts can prove it.

Unfortunately, some financial professionals haven’t learned the basic principles of seminar marketing and are disappointed with their results. Because they can’t identify the real problem, they blame imaginary outside forces they can’t control. Instead of looking inward at what they can improve to become successful, it’s just easier and more comfortable for them to believe that the market is “saturated” or the room is just filled with “plate lickers” who are only there for free food.

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How to Make Direct Mail Leads Work

Recent scrutiny from state and federal officials has caused concern for financial advisors utilizing direct mail companies that supply lead generation solutions. The crackdown focused on mail houses that were attempting to get around the "Do Not Call" list by gaining information about prospects using questionable direct mail content. This scrutiny has elicited several high profile news articles, including a front page story in the Wall Street Journal. But financial advisors should not fear this zealous scrutiny

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A Mortgage Success Story

Finding New Prospects in the Mortgage Market.

Dan Francis had done a successful direct mail campaign in 2002 and 2003 with a good response and knew that it was an effective tool in building his business.

With the news filled with information on the issues with mortgages, he saw an opportunity to inform and help consumers who wanted to make changes to their mortgage situation. See the creative solution and mailer used in this highly successful campaign

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Marketing Easily with Ethical Integrity

Meeting Wholesaler & Government Marketing Guidelines

The financial services industry has gone through significant changes over the last decade in all respects, including marketing and advertising. Once, left totally up to the advisor, marketing and advertising was open and creative with few stipulations and guidelines. Advisors were left to develop their own strategies and concepts to attract customers, and as with other industries, when those strategies worked they were duplicated over and over again by others. It is always easier and less expensive to apply something tired and true than test something unknown. One of the biggest challenges that advisors faces is that

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The Top 10 Phrases You Should Avoid

Improve Your Presentations By Avoiding These Cliches

Researchers at Oxford University have compiled a list of the top 10 most irritating phrases. According to Mr. Butterfield , "We grow tired of anything that is repeated too often- an anecdote, a joke, a mannerism-and the same seems to happen with some language."

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