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Our Wall Street University series of FINRA reviewed presentations are simply unbelievable. We've provided a link below so you can sample them for yourself.

Welcome to the new gold standard in FINRA reviewed seminars:

A FINRA Reviewed seminar examining both fixed and variable annuities from a investment suitability perspective.

A FINRA Reviewed seminar discussing the proper use of fixed annuities within an investor's portfolio.

A FINRA Reviewed seminar that focuses on mutual funds investing and picking the best funds.

The most professional, accurate and user-friendly reservation service you will ever experience!

Don't miss a single opportunity!

Maximize your reservations for every seminar with our 24 hour live RSVP service. Our professional team is ready to provide a great first impression, taking RSVP calls any time, 7 days a week.

In addition to answering calls long after your office has closed and on weekends, we provide instant, on-line access to all of your seminars, toll free numbers, and attendee information.

You can make changes to our call-in scripts, attendance capacities and seminar information with the click of your mouse. Your changes are instantly added to our system and the modifications update your seminar while operators are still on the same phone call.


Imagine knowing your prospect's financial fears and true aspirations before even meeting them! We've made it possible with our industry exclusive LISTEN DIRECT call recording technology.

This incredible technology allows you to hear the entire conversation with your prospect by simply clicking an icon on your own private web page, providing you with important information about them.

One financial advisor recently commented, "It's like having a one-way mirror. I find out almost as much information from the recorded calls as I do in my first client interview. The questions they ask, the sound of their voice and how they interact with the operators all tell me so much about them."

It also gives you peace of mind knowing you'll be able to hear the quality and accuracy of our operators with just a click of your mouse.

Listen Direct™ is just one of the many advanced online tools we offer for agents and advisors. Our professional telephone call center seamlessly connects all of your financial marketing efforts. Regardless if your generating new prospects with seminars, lead generation, radio, television or newspaper advertising - our professional telephone answering service will welcome your calls with a smile, get accurate information and notify you instantly.

Seminar Reservations RSVP Service

  • arrow  Never miss another opportunity! You'll get more reservations for each meeting with our live 24 hour service.
  • arrow Our telephone call center is located in the U.S. and we employ only operators who can speak clearly.
  • arrow All calls are recorded with our exclusive LISTEN DIRECT call recording technology allowing you to listen to the conversation any time, any where with a click of your mouse..
  • arrow FREE dedicated 800 number.
  • arrow FREE online access to your own private web page that puts everything together in one place.
  • arrow Download all your prospects into your CRM software with a click of the mouse.
  • arrow Instantly print out preformatted letters on your own letterhead to easily send out to remind registered guests, thank attendees and follow up with no shows.
  • arrow Easily print out name badges and registration forms.
  • arrow Track your response rates, attendance rates and appointment rates for current and past seminars.

“We do two financial seminars a month so I think I tried every one of your competitors over the past few years. I can say from experience that you have the best invitations and the best response rates out there. We won’t be sending our business anywhere else.”
                                                - David Yates, Financial Advisor