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Mailing Lists for Agents, Brokers and Advisors

Mailing lists are a critical element in financial marketing, yet many direct mail companies don't like to talk about their data. Why would that be? In many cases, it's because they use low quality or outdated mailing lists.

Using inferior data, their prices can seem low, while they make more money. Unfortunately, this costs the buyer thousands in wasted printing and postage, lost commissions and poor results. If anyone is far below what others are charging, you know they've cut corners somewhere and mailing data seems to be a popular choice. So next time you see an incredibly low, low mailing price - you'll understand how they do it!

The fact is that the best looking, highest performing direct mail piece is worth nothing if it doesn't get to the right person at the right address. In fact, wasting your time and spending additional money on unqualified prospects is completely counterproductive. Don't take that chance again!!

One way to protect yourself is to ask the mailing list company what the guaranteed deliverability is on their mailing lists. If they don't know when you ask, hesitate or give you a number that is less than 95%, you'll know there's a good chance their using old, cheap mailing lists. FYI - Seminar Direct is proud that our average deliverability is above 98%, the highest we've ever seen in our industry.

Our system is cutting-edge, that's why we're so proud of it. It has been developed by our professionals and uses 52 independent sources of information to cross-verify the information and assure accuracy. Further, the data is analyzed using proprietary software with specific evaluation criteria that are predictors of qualification.

  • Our Standard Mailing Filters:
  • Plus sign graphic  Age
  • Plus sign graphic  Income
  • Plus sign graphic  Location (mailing list by zip code or radius)
  • Partial List of Filters Available:
  • Plus sign graphic  Home Ownership
  • Plus sign graphic  Dwelling Type
  • Plus sign graphic  Estimated Current Home Value
  • Plus sign graphic  Gender
  • Plus sign graphic  Marital Status
  • Plus sign graphic  Year Home Built
  • Plus sign graphic  Telephone Area Code
  • Plus sign graphic  Investable Assets
  • Plus sign graphic  Net Worth
  • Plus sign graphic  Years in Current Home
  • Plus sign graphic  Profession
  • Plus sign graphic  Credit Score
  • Plus sign graphic  Home Equity
  • Our mailing lists are built from over 52 different sources of data, updated DAILY and rebuilt completely every 42 days. To further enhance the data quality, we incorporate state-of-the-art computer modeling and predictive indicators to insure we get the mailing list as accurate as possible.