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Financial Seminar Marketing

Great tool that shows the best and worst days to hold your seminars.

Find out how many qualified prospects there are in your area.

A no obligation review of your mailer by the industry's design dream team.

Financial Seminars - Keys to Success

In order to quickly achieve success, you must become extremely efficient at producing new sales. The longer it takes to capture new clients, the longer and harder you will have to work to become successful. Do you really want to wait, work harder and have a shorter time to enjoy your success?


To quickly increase your income, you simply can't afford to waste time using unproven techniques or trial-and-error methods. Even industry standbys such as cold-calling, financial newsletters and one-on-one presentations will not efficiently take you where you need to go. They simply take too much effort and produce too few results.


Small financial seminars allow you to market yourself to many prospects at one time. They are efficient and produce great results. You will make one presentation instead of 100 and spend most of your time closing qualified prospects instead of trying to find someone to talk to. You'll get more potential clients from one financial seminar than in months and months of cold calling!

What sets SEMINAR DIRECT apart from other direct marketing providers?

Our seminar system is all about saving you time and producing results. We have done the research, spent the time and money to found out what works...and what doesn't. Our system is field tested and available to help you avoid costly mistakes and find the source of a huge new income. Why spend your hard earned money and precious time trying to get lucky, when we can produce the whole project for you at a lower cost than producing it yourself and achieve dramatically better results? Our response mail system is the best in the business! We'll put a postmark directly on your mail piece and you'll get new clients next month!

“Using your seminar system, we made almost $500,000 in new gross commissions last year. I just wish we found your company a few years ago.”                                                

- J. McMinn, Financial Advisor