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An NASD Reviewed seminar covering a broad range of hot topics for seniors, retirees and baby boomers.

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Our Wall Street University series of FINRA reviewed presentations are simply unbelievable. We've provided a link below so you can sample them for yourself.

Welcome to the new gold standard in FINRA reviewed seminars:

A FINRA Reviewed seminar examining both fixed and variable annuities from a investment suitability perspective.

A FINRA Reviewed seminar discussing the proper use of fixed annuities within an investor's portfolio.

A FINRA Reviewed seminar that focuses on mutual funds investing and picking the best funds.

FINRA Reviewed Seminar Presentations*

Our effective marketing systems will fill the room with quality prospects, but the key to seminar success is converting your attendees into clients. The focus of your event should be to establish credibility, trust and a friendship with your guests. It is critical that your attendees get to know you, like you and trust you. The only thing for sale should be an appointment with you. The best way to accomplish these goals,is to have a professionally created seminar presentation that has impact, captivates the audience and showcases your professionalism.

With decades of experience in financial sales and marketing, the SEMINAR DIRECT team has developed a complete seminar presentation entitled, Retirement Prosperity. Not only is this seminar presentation full of valuable information, but it has also been reviewed by FINRA.

The Retirement Prosperity Seminar includes:

  • Plus sign graphic  Captivating Power Point presentation that demonstrates your professionalism
  • Plus sign graphic  Word-for-word script - no more late nights searching for the right words
  • Plus sign graphic  Secrets to Seminar Success guidebook teaches you the inside secrets of top producers
  • Plus sign graphic  Durable binder keeps your materials together and organized during transportation and storage
  • Plus sign graphic  3 months of seminar coaching by Sellinar Guru Doug Dickson (an $1,800 value)
  • Plus sign graphic  Yearly updates are available with new current content and a current FINRA review letter
  • Plus sign graphic  Seminar CD with electronic copies of all content
  • Plus sign graphic  Official FINRA review letter
  • Plus sign graphic  30-day money-back guarantee

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Focused on relationship marketing, our Wall Street University series of FINRA presentations feature today's hottest seminar subjects including Annuities, Fixed Annuities, Mutual Funds, 401Ks and Stocks. Be an expert by communicating real knowledge in either a one-to-one setting or a group seminar.


  • Plus sign graphic Flash based seminar that is as much fun as it is entertaining. They'll be talking about your seminar with all their friends for days
  • Plus sign graphic Lipper supplied information and logo throughout insures accuracy and credibility
  • Plus sign graphic 70 page instructor's guide with comments and directions for maximizing your presentation
  • Plus sign graphic Complete script with full seminar wording, so you'll never be at a loss for words
  • Plus sign graphic Professional design show them you pay attention to details and provide your clients with the best
  • Plus sign graphic  Yearly updates are available with updated content and a current FINRA review letter
  • Plus sign graphic 30-day money back guarantee, so you've got nothing to risk whatsoever
  • Plus sign graphic  Official FINRA review letter

For more information about any of these incredible seminar presentations please call us at 888-629-1919.



* FINRA is a trademark of The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the largest U.S. non-governmental regulator of securities firms in the U.S. FINRA is an SEC approved consolidation of the enforcement are of the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Regulation, Inc., and the NASD.

While FINRA has reviewed all seminar presentations advertised as "FINRA Reviewed." FINRA is an independent organization and does not endorse, approve, or support any seminar provider including SEMINAR DIRECT in any manner. Please consult your own compliance department and legal counsel to determine if these seminar presentations products are appropriate for your use.

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