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PURLS - Personalized URLs

Did you know that 43% of prospects prefer to respond to direct mail on-line?

Personalized URLs or PURLS (pronounced "pearls") are the best way to integrate the power of the internet with your next mailing. The synergy created by using a multi-channel approach is powerful and has been shown to dramatically lift response rates.

The benefit of PURLs:

  • Reduce mailing costs.
  • Increase direct mail response rates.
  • Better understand your prospects desires.
  • Instantly notify your sales team of new sales leads.
  • Track response rates to campaigns in real time.
  • Analyze why prospects responded to your mailing.
  • Capture contact information electronically.
  • Better educate your potential customers.
  • Provide a unique, personal experience.

To better understand how PURLs work, let's look at a very simple example.

How PURLs work:

Step 1: The direct mail piece is addressed and a unique web address is imprinted based upon the recipient's name. For example, Joe Smith might be directed to a website address of: www.joesmith.BeatsVegas.com. This address is referred to as a Personalized URL (URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, a really geeky way to describe a website address).

Step 2: The prospect responds by visiting their unique website address and lands on a webpage that has been customized just for them. Many times the first thing the prospect sees is their own name, making the whole experience very personal.

Step 3: The prospect interacts with the website just as they would any other site. Usually, a number of choices are presented and the prospect is directed to other pages with more information based upon those answers. This information is recorded in real time and provides unique insights about the campaign and the visitors.

Step 4: If the prospect requests more information, an e-mail is immediately sent to the appropriate sales or marketing person for an immediate reply.

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